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Beware of scams


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I also faced when I first joined on Fiverr. All the happening that you mentioned were same as I faced. But somehow I report the scammer immediately and he has been kept in spam box. Thanks for sharing the traits of the Scammer. It will help the newbies.

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On 6/17/2022 at 2:22 PM, smashradio said:

If you're asked to contact them outside of Fiverr

This has happened to me. A buyer inbox me and said, We're looking for a logo designer for remote work, and this is my..... If you are interested then contact me on telegram. I saw this message on my phone. I was thinking of reporting the buyer, but Fiverr automatically detected this fake buyer and sent to the spam section. Smart algorithm....

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5 hours ago, logomarcketplac said:

This has happened to me

I did receive the exact same message a couple of days back. I said "No, thanks" and proceeded to block and report. As you work in graphic arts as I do, I suspect that they spam the profiles with "custom" messages based on their profile. For example OP's message was basically the same message but with "the work" changed.

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I'm a new seller and I got so excited for a potential offer, but when I saw the message requesting I contact the "assistant manager" via Telegram,  I instantly felt something was wrong. Checked the forum and yep, I reported and blocked him immediately.

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I haven't face any issue as starting, but now after 3 years i got many messages that looks like fraud, let me explain 1-2 to aware sellers

I got message from US account and he say i have to pay my one team member who belongs to India, but didn't find and efficient and quick way, so can you help me with that i have to pay 25000 INR to the person and I'm ready to make order of $600 (That is 48000 INR).

That's what he asking so i have asked to my friend who has much more experience with fiverr and he say just replay then anything so that it don't effect to your response rate and check their account tomorrow, and when i checked account on next morning it was blocked by fiverr that confirm that it was completely fraud, so that's how they trying to fraud with me, but tnx to my friend : )


Another time I got message with ZIP file attached and very rough brief and say more info attached into file and hear is the password for that, so when i download file and enter the password, i see one file that have plan white icon that means i don't have software to open that file, so i have checked properties and it was .scr file, after that when i close properties panel, the file was disappear and i was shocked. i did little research on it and find that it was the file that execute automatically and create folders on your software drive and some time block your pc and ask for bitcoin and etc... so i have contact support eminently and send file to them. their technical team check file and suggest me to scan pc with specific antivirus, and when i scanned the antivirus found two malwares with .scr extension, and i have clear it, so that how i was get rid of become victims of another fraud.

Hope it help, stay safe, keep growing and always try be connected with community : )

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On 6/17/2022 at 2:22 PM, smashradio said:

As a new seller on Fiverr, it's easy to get drawn in my promises of "huge" projects, big payments and "great oppurtunities". 

Scammers know this, and they often go after the newbies on the platform, because they know targetting someone who's been here for a long time, increases the risk of getting ignored and/or reported. 

Even if you're new – never be afraid of reporting suspicious activity and messages to Fiverr. Fiverr can only stop these scammers if they know about them. 

Always be aware and if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

Red flags to look out for: 

  • Offers of "huge" projects with months of ongoing work
  • If you're asked to contact them outside of Fiverr
  • Asking if they can pay you outside of Fiverr
  • Anyone claiming to have an official cooperation with or permission from Fiverr to ask for/share contact information in chat
  • Brand new profiles in combination with some of the above
  • Sending suspicious links or file attachments that is unrelated to the job
  • When names/places don't fit with the buyers country (i.e. "John" working for "Phienixworks LTD" with a seller profile in Nigeria.)

This is an example of a typical scam directed at sellers: 


Now this guy managed to put all of my red flags into one single message. 

It's not uncommon for serious buyers to ask for contact outside of Fiverr as well, because they don't know any better. So don't write someone off just because they ask for it. If that's the only red flag you see, explain to the buyer that this is against the terms on Fiverr. 

There's probably many more red flags, so feel free to share them below!


I too have faced this. Thank you for posting something like this. Because others can know before they get into trouble. 

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Hello Fiverrian!


Hope you are doing fine. 

I want to share my experience and know more from your responses about the spammers messaging to sellers. What I observe is:

i. Spammers mostly brag more than normal buyers; such as offering higher price for the little work.  

ii. One of biggest sign of spammers is sharing contact details (outside fiverr) with sellers in inbox and ask seller to contact there. (Although, some people might be doing it unintentionally and not spammers)

iii. Sharing illegal work such as academic writing works, reviews and such other fake works

iv. Sending links to open and sign up/ register to their platforms for earning

v. Sending their social media handles link to subscribe/ follow or watch video to get order afterwards, (which is trap to promote their own online presence through fiverr) Usually in buyer requests we can see such content too.

These are few of the point that I could gather so far, please share your thoughts and experiences too. 

All above details shared are personal experience and one can disagree or may have different point of view about it too, which is absolutely fine until they are not trapped by spammers.


Happy Fiverring!


Thank you!
SYED IMDAD/ Emdad555 


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I've already gotten like 7 scammers in my inbox. Asking me to contact their project manager, text their Telegram number, that they'll accept my custom offer only after I do half the work first. And they always block you if they don't get a message back quick enough. I report their messages as spam. Is there anything else I can do? 

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