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Difficult side of getting down to business in freelancing (for me)

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Today I received an inquiry about writing a eulogy for the funeral of someone's brother who passed away after being hit by a train. Wow. 

It's not the first time someone asked me to write either a poem or a different kind of piece about someone who passed away. And it's something I love doing (sounds weird but I know you understand what I mean) and feels very special to me. However, it's been a while since I've written something of this nature and today reminded me of the difficulties of (as the title says) getting down to business in these cases. 

People often start talking about this person and their relationship with them, characteristics and what they love/miss most about them. But, as they're fully aware of as well, they're requesting a service that requires payment. In some cases they don't bring this up themselves. So that's where I have to come in which kind of feels like this;

I'm so sorry about your loss, your -fill in who it was- sounded like an amazing person. Thanks for pouring your heart out. Anyway, I'll send you an offer for $. 

It somewhat feels like "I know your soul is hurting, but allow me to hurt your wallet as well!". Don't get me wrong though, I don't feel bad because they're fully aware I don't work for free. It's simply how the world works. Funeral homes don't feel bad either.

It's just the transition from having someone share something so painful (as well as beautiful memories), to straight business that feels a bit...odd. And in a way makes me feel a bit uneasy (for a lack of a better word).

There's no real question linked to this really, I just needed to get it off my chest! It's not something I expected to be faced with when starting my service on Fiverr. I just thought I'd write poems primarily for people in love and companies. Feel free to share any of your own experiences of something you didn't expect when you started your Gig here on Fiverr! 

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I once Beta-read a letter that a gal wrote to her dad. It was a reply letter to an attempt at reconciliation from him. I only knew a tiny bit of the story, but it was heartbreaking, because this wasn't the first attempt from him, but she just wasn't ready to trust him because this wasn't the first time.

I have had a few fun unexpected projects though. Never thought I'd make a character mashup design/drawing for the purpose of reference images for a cosplay!

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