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A seller who has access to my cpanel and wordpress backpanel deliberatly create bug so i can hire him over over again


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I have hired a webmaster on fiverr as i often do .


but this one was really dishonest.

He creates bug from my cpanel every months or so . He's from bangladesh and thanks to my tawk.to plugin i can track traffic by countries.

i have no reason to have visior from bangladesh and i know thant every time i have a visitor from bangladesh it's him creating those bug so i hire him again at 70usd. This is a successful lure trick for him and he might be tempted to do it again to other buyers

Fiverr should reaally take actions agains those kind of sellers because they undermine the trust we have on every other sellers. Since 2016 i had hired countless freelancers and the the process was always smooth and promt due to the fact that i never contemplated the possibility that they would do harm to my business.


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I am a security expert and I am hired by customers all the time that have the same issue you are having. Someone is hired to help with your website, and then they leave a backdoor to come back and crash the site so that you will ask them for help again and again. It's how some people get more and more revenue. They will sometimes give you a sob story and ask for money. Eventually, when you figure out it is them and try to stop it, they will destroy your entire site and delete your backups just to be mean. 

1. Make a good backup of your website AND database and keep it safe (not in your hosting account). Download it.
2. Change your Cpanel access password, and be sure there are no FTP accounts or SSH accounts. Be sure your Cpanel contacts are still YOU.
3. Clean site of all viruses and malware. 
4. Replace your theme and all the plugins with fresh copies.
5. Delete all the admin accounts except your own, and then change your password.
6. Replace your security salts and database credentials.
7. Be sure you are the only owner at Google, and change your pass at the registrar, your host, and your email too. 
8. For WordPress, check the licenses of all the plugins to be sure you own everything legitimately in your own name. Change passwords to all the vendors.
9. Do all this for every single domain in your hosting account if you have multiple sites in the same hosting.

Need tips? Check out my YouTube Channel for help with many of these items: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOGFgnBE0s1oIBVs5gYajkw

Need even more help? Reach out to me on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/drglenn

I'm sorry this happened to you. Best of luck. 

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