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What am I selling?


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I have struggled to pin point what I am selling. I would like to offer a type of non-licensed, "therapy-esc", platform. I have found many young adults struggling to find relationships with people who can simply be a mirror. In my therapeutic experience, I have been offered different mirrors for different times and found the answers to my problems within my own mind. I have taken this idea to my millennial and GenZ friends - insurance, accessibility, and cost is always an issue. Other issues arise in scheduling issues such as long waiting lists or too much time between appointments. So I want to create a product that can provide similar objective experiences. 

The obvious problems include: professionalism, accuracy, liability, and not actually having gone to school for this field. I won't be providing any diagnosis or medical recommendations. I cannot be held accountable as a professional in this field, only an amateur providing a space to talk. What other information could I include to market this clearly?

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I've thought about including such a service too, because what I noticed with my clients is how they often feel the need to vent and talk (I write poems so there's a lot of emotions in that!). I saw many people offering this kind of 'virtual friend' service, but I wondered how I could offer this to people. I inquired about providing such a service with CS, just to make sure I wouldn't violate any Terms of Service.

I emphasized clearly that I'm not an expert, nor will I pose as one. I simply wanted to provide a listening ear to those who have the need for that. The response of them was as follows; 

"After checking on your inquiry, please be advised that no medical help, treatment, or advice is allowed on Fiverr, so I recommend you refrain from offering such services. Although I understand the good spirit of the service that you would like to offer on Fiverr, due to the risks that this can pose to your prospective buyers, creating such Gigs is not allowed."

So although I personally believe it would help people as well (like your mindset is too), Fiverr doesn't quite allow it as you can read above. Sort of understandable I guess, since it might pose legal risks. Do with this information as you please, but I felt it's necessary for you to know! 

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