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How can I report a seller that made me approved the order but never delivered and always come back with a excuse?



Hi, I hired this game developer for a prototype. He’s from Venezuela and actually have some games around that he published. I paid him 200 for a prototype and it as all according to fiverr standard. In the beginning he seems like a good seller and has a bunch of good reviews but then he told me that he couldn’t deliver because he was busy with a Nintendo release and a bunch of excuses. Also, he sent me a link to his Twitter to “provide evidence” of what I would say is his lack of dedication to my project. He just made me approved the order and then he was making excuses and saying that if I want, he could refund me my money(he asked me for my PayPal for that matter but never refund me the money). I would like to get help with this please. I try by reporting him and fiverr said they can’t do anything. He blocked me from Twitter and all that. He’s still a seller here.  Please help. I never had a problem with fiverr until I made that order. 

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Uhhhh so many broken rules here by both sides. 
Tgats why it’s great to read platform’s TOS when you sign then and not just tick the box. 
first reg flag that seller asked you to complete incomplete order. If you would’ve read the rules you could know right away that it’s a violation of rules and something shady from a seller. Report him right there on the spot and get your refund. 
Second he sent you an incomplete delivery and that’s another violation. 
Third red flag that he sent you Twitter link which is off site communication and also a violation 

Fourth, he asked for your PayPal and that’s another violation. 
you see how many red flags and violations you missed because you didn’t read the rules even if you are just a buyer? 

ok, so back to fiverr CS, what exactly did they say? Why can’t they cancel the order? Was it already more than 14 days? 

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