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The recipe for success: our top logos 👨🏻‍🍳

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We studied the most successful logos on Fiverr’s Logo Maker and discovered they all have a few key ingredients in common. 

The main takeaway? The more options a seller includes when publishing a logo on Fiverr’s Logo Maker, the more likely it is to be a top seller. Here are the four design aspects to consider, plus the average number of options to include for each.


Variations - 28 per logo

The basic layout variations are provided in the editor, but it’s good to have as many variations as possible. The more versatile your variations, the better. 


Colors paletes- 4 per logo

Multiple color palettes entice potential buyers to play around with your logos and increase the chances they’ll find what they want.


Tags - 3 per logo

With the right tags, your logos are more likely to land on the right buyers’ lists and improve your individual logo rating.


Fonts - 4 per logo

Try including options with uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as mixing and matching different fonts for brand names and slogans.


Now put these best practices to use and publish another logo.



Designed by Gilidavid

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Inspired by this post, I am now reworking all of my logo collection and adding a lot of new variations to every logo. Before that I was aiming for 8-10 variations per logo, but now I am trying to do at least 25-30 with different fonts and color schemes. Really hope that this will work out! Will wait patiently for the results.

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i have a question to all and also logo maker team , i am unable to use logo maker services, every time when i try to upload a logo it shows an error , "change the file name and upload again "

i asked for help to customer supports but they do not understand the issue the last reply from them i received round about 3 months ago , in that message they said we are working on it, you have to be patience it will took long time and do not submit this request again and again , 

its been more than 1 year my all logo are declined and i am unable to upload new one ..... can i wait for a miracle, that one day i will wake up and every thing will be fine by itself ???   anybody can help ??

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