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Interesting (?) behavior.


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So we all encounter a "difficult" buyer every now and then, and yes, the word "difficult" can cover a very wide area.
A while ago I posted about this buyer who asked for a translation, and lemme just sum everything up into one sentence:

He was difficult.

I did end up doing maybe 3 or 4 orders with this person, but I knew that I did not enjoy working with this guy and I was thinking of asking him to go find another seller.
Politely, of course.
Then this morning I get a message and he asked me for a translation. I give him a quote. He did not like the quote and asked for a discount.
His claim was the file he sent me was very similar to another file I worked on before and since he is a repeat buyer he should get a discount.

I politely explained why he cannot get a discount. We went back and forth a few times and each time the messages sounded more and more demanding.
His response:

Alright!! Send me the offer when you are ready.

Wow, I've seen people sound childish at Fiverr, but I've never seen some type "Alright!!" in a message.
That was when I knew I no longer wanted to work with this guy.

Well I guess I'll be sending him a polite message telling him that for blah-blah reason I cannot work on the file ( and I DO have another big file I need to finish anyways )
and I'll just move on.

But wow, seriously, that "Alright!" was quite something.

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