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Does anyone have an idea how the search rankings ("High Rating") work?


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I’m going to assume we all agree that a higher ranking in the search results means more sales for your gig.

So, I have a translation gig, English to Italian. If I search “Italian” in Translation, I’ll get a search result that by default is set by High Rating. My gig shows consistently around 10th place. But if I look at my higher ranked competitors, I find sellers who have:

  • lower overall sales/reviews than me (only one seller has more sales than me)
  • lower recent sales/reviews than me
  • lower rating than me (e.g. 97%, whereas I have 100%, or five stars, under the new rating system)
  • a lower level than me (level 1 vs. my level 2)

    This is confusing… why am I not higher ranked than a seller who has a lower rating than me or less recent activity or less overall sales? Are there any other criteria that I’m missing? Does anyone have an idea how this works and what can I do to improve my ranking?

    I’ve asked CS why sellers with a lower rating than me enjoy a higher ranking and their response was “There is no reason for that.” (I’m not joking). I thought it should be in the interest of Fiverr itself to make sure the better sellers have more visibility, to promote overall higher quality for buyers… not I’m not sure this is the case.

    Anyone have any insights/advice/thoughts about this?
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