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Why are my proposals not active?



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Posting a Buyer Request:

  1. Log in > Profile picture > Post a Request (from the drop-down menu)
  2. Description > Give a brief explanation of the service you're searching for
    Example: If you're looking for a logo, you can specify your company name, business type, preferred color, etc. You can attach a file but note that you can only attach files up to 5 GB
  3. Select the category and subcategory (Some categories, require additional information/ criteria)
    Example: If you're looking for a logo, choose "Logo Design" within the "Graphics & Design" category.
  4. Select when you'd like your service delivered: 24 Hours3 Days7 Days, or Other—Specify a delivery time between 1 and 90 days
  5. Add your budget > Post
    Once submitted, a Buyer Request can't be edited—only be deleted.

Your request is labeled as Pending until Fiverr approves it. If your request isn't approved, it's labeled as Unapproved and you will get an email explaining why.   
Learn more with tips to create a Buyer Request >

The above is from the Help Centre.

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