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Paypal Withdrawal Disabled?



I have an open ticket with Fiverr Support on this issue, but I wanted to find out from you guys – have you ever had your Paypal withdrawal button greyed out? Why?

It’s not any of the usual limits (it’s been a while since I withdrew money, and it’s over the minimum) and the Payoneer button looks fine.

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i have other problem from two days left … they send me this massage

Due to a technical problem, we couldn’t process your payment and start the order for the Gig

We are sorry for the inconvenience and suggest that you try ordering this Gig again.

I tried many times … same problem … some one help ??

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I had this issue a while ago.

Firstly, support told me it was a technical issue. Then I was told it was because I had a dispute with a buyer. It was rather harsh! I had one client who was the client from hell (I’ve done 800 gigs in four months and this guy was the only one).

Expect Fiverr to favour the side of the buyer when buyers kick off until you can prove your stance.

I was originally told I wouldn’t be able to withdraw funds for 30 days - ridiculous.

I had lengthy communication with the support team telling them to look at my testimonials and that I would be stopping gigs and moving away from Fiverr.

It got sorted in the end but it was unnecessary and a complete waste of time, all due to an over emotional client.



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Fiverr support resolved the problem (after 7 days waiting for a reply) after I sent them a Paypal transaction ID from the first Paypal account associated with my account, as well as that account’s email address.

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