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No orders in 2 months??


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Lowering the price won't help. If your rates are too low, you end up coming across as unprofessional. 

You should work on your gig thumbnails. Make them stand out more. Maybe hire a professional designer, send them some of your best drawings, and let them use it to make a thumbnail that stands out. Your current main gig has a thumbnail with very washed out colors. I'm afraid it will disappear in the crowd. Take a look in your category here on Fiverr for inspiration. See what the top sellers are doing, be inspired (but don't copy them!). 

You could also make a cool gig video. Maybe one where you talk about what you do, how you do it and the advantages of ordering from you. Show yourself. Buyers will trust you more if you show your real face and have a professional gig video. I'm not buying my drawing from a cat. I'm buying it from a human being who is good at drawing cats! 🙂 

Your gig description is short and not very impressing. Hire a writer to help you with it, and make sure your gig description is perfect. This is your place to shine and tell your buyers why they should order from you. 

Work to build your credibility and trust on Fiverr. It's super important to get sales and succeed. I made a guide about how to build credibility as a new seller here: 



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