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Payment methods via Fiverr


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Hi, I have a Gig that I want to pay for, but can’t. I go to the sellers “page” and click on the Order now button.

Since I stupidly agreed to have DamnQuickpay, all I can do is pay $5. The Gig is with extra’s ($20).

I cannot add the extra’s, nor can I pay more than the $5.

Surely, there is a way to pay the extra money, without having to jump through hoops, and cause issues with Fiverr policy.

Some one said “Pay 4 times” , this opens a “submit your requirements” 4 times.

Yes, I have contacted the seller, and asked for an invoice, that I can pay via Fiverr. No joy there either.

Why is paying someone so hard ???

Can anyone help ?? (especially Fiverr staff)



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Hi~ Yes, what @eddiethornton said. We’re all just members here, like you. Buyers and sellers. The original payment method was just through Paypal but in recent months Fiverr has expanded the payment options, so many of us (maybe most?) are not very familiar with working with the other methods and therefore can’t offer much solid advice. So unless someone else who has dealt with a situation like yours happens to find this post, your best bet is to file a report with customer support.

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