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Its good to Edit gig when goes down?


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2 hours ago, chris_ld said:


I have little bit confusing about my gig because I edit my gig many time but i didn't get order. Last tym I upload video on my gig. 
So, Its better to edit gig or not?

Making smart edits to your gig that actually improves it? Yes. 

Making random edits all the time? No. 

You should edit your gig, but only when you have a plan, and not all the time. Whenever you edit your gig, it gets taken out of search results for a while, so the algorithm can re-learn your gig and where to place it in the results, based on relevancy to each buyer and your stats (buyer satisfaction, cancellation rate and so on). 

I took a look at your video. Maybe it's just me, but I never thought those "hand drawing/writing/doodling" videos look professional. I think they give the impression that you tried to spend as little as possible on your gig video. 

You're offering vector tracing and logo design, so your video should showcase what you're offering. Don't tell about your work. Show your work. 

If you want to include more explanations about what you can do and the benefits of ordering from you, you could always hire a pro voice over for your video as well. 

I recommend going for some top rated video editor and spend some money on your video to make it look great. That way, you will stand out from the crowd. 

I also recommend increasing your price a bit. Fiverr favors more expensive gigs these days. Try 10 USD? You might get fewer orders, but each order will earn you more money. 

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