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How Can I get back 5 stars rating?


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Hi, I have 57 (5 stars) 5 (4.7 stars) 2 (4.3 stars) and 1 (4 star) ratings on my gig. 

There are total 65 reviews on my gig with a 4.9 rating. How many 5 star reviews do I need to get back 5 star rating on my gig?

Kindly guide If someone know properly about it.


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Hi @yazii914, I looked at your reviews and could see that all three of the 4-star reviews mentioned that "communication" was the reason that they gave you less than a 5-star review. One of them simply stated "COMMUNICATION," but the other two were very positive, saying that you were great to work with and that you do excellent work. One of the buyers said that the communication issues came from being in different time zones and the other warned other buyers that "you just need to explain clearly what you want and he'll do an amazing job!!!"

So for you, I would focus on the following:

1. Be clear on the order requirements. You might want to update your order requirements so that buyers can clearly communicate their requirements to you. Also, ask many questions in the beginning to get a clear idea of what your buyers are looking for. As your buyer stated, you do amazing work when you have clear directions from the buyer.

2. Time zones. I'm like you. I work in Japan, but most of my customers are in the U.S. So I make sure I'm available during U.S. times. This doesn't mean you always have to be available in the middle of the night or at 3 am. Sometimes I'll sleep through the night and only wake up when the alerts go off on my phone. Other times I'll set specific appointments with my customers. I've worked with people in Pakistan too, so I know this is something you can do.

One other think I'd like to mention is that you have a great profile. Your profile states shows 255 5-star reviews. All but one gig has 5-star reviews. And that one gig you mentioned has a 4.9-star average, which is still a very good score. So I wouldn't get hung up on the fact that it is less than 5 stars. Your buyers certainly won't.

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