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Need Help Finding a Specific Logo Design Gig...Any Help?


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Hey everyone!

Got a really ridiculous question, but it’s driving me crazy. I was searching through logo design gigs a few hours back, and found the perfect one. Thought I collected it, but must have forgot a click, because it’s not in my collection. I’ve literally spent the last 90 minutes looking for it, and I can’t find it. All I remember is that it had over 1,700 positive reviews, no negatives, and the picture used touted 8 different kinds of logo designs for $55.

Has anyone stumbled on this one before? Is there a way to track this one down? Found it the first time by just searching for “Logo”, but seem to be getting different results now. Even tried narrowing it down by “rating”, but couldn’t find it from that, either. Is there a way to search just for “top-rated sellers”, or by 100% ratings? Thanks in advance!

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@madmoo: I know. I hate being that typical idiot that posts in these forums, but like I said, I thought I had collected it, so I didn’t pay much attention beyond the image. The text was just typical, from what I recall, but he urged you to click on the image that showed the $5+ $50 gig, in which he did 8 logos, all of different styles. He then went on to show examples of each style that you would get for your $55 (the “Fiverr” logo was an example of a “Text” logo, the ESPN logo was an example of another kind whose name I forget, the “Red Lobster” logo was an example of a “Billboard” style logo, the “Apple” logo was an example of the “Symbol” style logo, and I forget the rest).

Unfortunately, text in images can’t be searched for, or else I could have easily found it. So all I remember from it is useless! I’ve spent another half-hour looking for it today with no luck. So if you get a chance to double-check, that’d be great, but if you can’t find it, I took princemaxx’s advice and found a secondary option.

And @junoteam and @madmoo, I’m seriously considering that possibility. I can’t find it anywhere, and you’d think someone with such a great rating would be easily found. Oh well, thank you very much for your responses!

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