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Message is not visible. Annoying.


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Does anyone got problem with every message you have sent to certain buyer flagged for review? I don't know why but every message I have sent to this particular buyer flagged and has red message that says "Message is not visible. Review process in 24 hours." And even in order page every message still being flagged. 

Now I have finished his order and sent my delivery. 


Even delivery still flagged for review. Every message I have sent seems to take more than 24 hours. Our messages exchanges are pretty tame he wanted me to illustrate pre-historic figures starting from homo habilis. There shouldn't be any keyword that fiverr could automatically flag.  

My concern is he seems to started to get annoyed my late responses which is isn't my fault.😤 And I have delivered the order right on time but after 24 hours I'm afraid he maybe annoyed again because of late order. 🤷‍♂️

I can feel dreadful 3 stars review. 😑

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