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Race Challenges



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1 hour ago, josephineaduloj said:

I have heard stories of how Africans do not easily get sales of Fiverr. I just joined as a designer. I need hope how true is this? Can I have success stories.

I don't think it has anything to do with race. It has more to do with the fact that many new sellers don't know what they are doing.

They sign up for Fiverr and expect the work to come by itself. This applies just as much to sellers from Europe, the US or Asia as to sellers from Africa.

But naturally, there are more unskilled workers in developing countries, which might contribute to this perception. 

Some of the most successful sellers I know on the platform are black. One of my favorite designers is from Uganda. 

It is difficult to get started on Fiverr, no matter where you come from. And it should be. This is the world of business. It's a meritocracy. Only the best will come out on top. 

But if you work to build trust and credibility on Fiverr and you're an expert at what you do, it doesn't matter where you're from. 

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Where did you hear these stories? I disagree. Anyone from any country that can make a Fiverr account can succeed here. Its the person and the skills, not the country they come from. 

Look at some of these top rated sellers from African countries in the category of logo design. 


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1 hour ago, josephineaduloj said:

I just joined as a designer.

I agree with @smashradio and @theratypist.

In my niche, proofreading and copyediting, there are plenty of sellers from your country; some do well, some do not. Those that not do well do not have the skills to provide the service they are offering.

Many sellers do not succeed because of the presentation of their gigs. Your profile, gig write-up, and gig image must be spot on. I looked at your profile, and I noticed your gig image would not attract me as a buyer.

If you are a designer, design an eye-catching gig image for yourself. When buyers are cruising the search pages, they do not want to take time to read the description below the gig image. Your gig image should have a picture of you and three or four bold words saying what service you provide. Then once they have clicked on your photo, it is time to show what you can do.

Look at these successful sellers' gig images.2016994133_ScreenShot2022-06-11at10_34_25AM.thumb.png.2867e7465d8c65c3a88b6392c8263590.png



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