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Why gig is not ranking?


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13 minutes ago, abdurrashid20 said:

Already I have completed 2 order but my gig is not ranking. Please help me and tell me how to rank my gig. 


Getting success on Fiverr takes time, patience and hard, honest work. You're in one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr: Wordpress development. You have nearly 80.000 competitors. 

You've been on Fiverr since may. Even getting a single order isn't too bad, considering the number of competitors. Many new sellers never get a single order. 

I suggest spending time doing some market research: are there any niches on Fiverr with less competition? Could you carve out your own niche, doing something you're good at? 

For example, you could offer specialized gigs for church websites, plumber or construction websites and so on. These are just examples, and you have to research which niches might be best yourself. 

Focus on what you're best at, and make more focused gigs. If I'm a priest and need a website, I might search for "church web design" instead of "wordpress web design". 

Make sure you're honing your skills for the particular gigs you set up (before you set up the gig) so when that first order comes in, you know exactly how to make your client happy. 

That means you should focus on what each audience typically needs. What's their pain points and challenges? How can you solve them? 

Then market those skills across your gig. Don't just tell the buyers that you will make a great website. Show them that you understand their worries and that you have the solution for them. 

Obviously, churches or plumbers are just examples. Look for niches that aren't saturated with gigs. Then reach out to someone who does market research on Fiverr (preferably a Top Rated Seller who can prove their merit) and ask them to help you. 

  1. Find out who your clients are. Be more specific and carve out your own, specialist niches. 
  2. Find out what those clients worry about. What do they need? 
  3. Create the perfect solution to their problems. 
  4. Have a great value proposition - i.e. why should they buy from you, and not someone else? Offer something your competitors don't. 
  5. Deliver superb quality work and support to your buyers every single time. Always over-deliver. Give them more than they thought they would get. 

Hope this helps! 

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