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I withdrew money and it made my upcoming earnings go down!


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I had two sales totaling $12 in my money to be withdrawn. I made my withdrawal.

When I did that my upcoming earnings went down $12 because the Analytics page was lagging

and did not yet show those two sales as cleared, even though they HAD cleared and I was

able to withdraw the money for them. So I lost $12.

I so far have not been able to get CS to understand even though I sent screenshots of the change in

upcoming earnings that happened as soon as I withdrew money.

I’m finding it odd that when someone withdraws their money it can make upcoming earnings go down.

If the two sales had not yet cleared I could understand it. But they had cleared as shown everywhere.

The total on analytics was still $12 less than what I was able to withdraw so that made my upcoming earnings go

down $12 instantly upon my withdrawal.

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