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Uneasy about giving a "money back guarantee" in my Gigs. Thoughts?


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I feel that offering a “money back guarantee”, although a seemingly good way to attract customers… can cause problems.

What if buyers take that “money back guarantee” as they can order the gig, get the services or product, claim to be unsatisfied, get a refund, and then just basically get your service or product free of charge because they can?

What are you thoughts on this. Is this a legitimate concern?

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I think it’s a good idea to have a satisfaction guarantee, rather than a money back guarantee. On the surface, it sounds like the same thing–but it’s not.

The choice of words is significant. When a buyer sees money back, they instantly assume that if they’re not immediately happy, the next approach is a refund. I think 99% of the buyers out there are looking for a service and not trying to take advantage. That being said, they would much prefer to get the product they want, rather than getting their money back. In the end, they will be MORE happy with a satisfaction guarantee and getting what they are looking for rather than simply getting a refund.

These often turn into repeat buyers–because you take the time to understand their needs. Of course, it’s always better to offer a refund than receive negative feedback. If they buyer truly isn’t happy and, on the rare case that they can’t be pleased after you work with them, offer a refund.

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I offer a Guarantee (unspecified) on all my gigs. Not only does it help with sales, it helps with my “Rating”. Unlike Sheriff Mintyone, who I admire and respect, I don’t want to talk to people who are negative on my gigs. That’s how I protect myself emotionally. Finally, a “refund” isn’t always the first thing they ask for (in fact, I tend to be the one to suggest it). Most will ask if X, Y, or Z can be done and many times it can. Sometimes, I educate them why in my expert opinion that would be negatively impacting to their results.

Sometimes they agree.

Sometimes they don’t.

But, I get positive feedback even when I refund someone 40% of the time now. See attached example.

Here was an example of someone being “skeptical” and wanting me to do the work first to see if she would like it. That’s a red flag for me. (I sometimes offer to do that, but I need to offer it not be “requested” under a hermeneutic of suspicion.

Now Ms B was a total charm and I have no doubt I could have not only saved the $5 but sold the $15. It’s just not what I want in MY business. (And that is my business LOL) I respect others who are willing to hustle in this way.

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