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Got banned for no reason

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On 6/10/2022 at 5:21 AM, speed_expert said:


I am sharing my experience on Fiverr. I have been working on Fiverr for the past 1 year and I was a level 2 seller with 1000+ positive feedbacks. But suddenly Fiverr disabled my account over the issue with one of the buyer. I clear all misunderstanding by sharing proofs with customer support and Fiverr customer support even admits there was no violation from my side and it is still unclear why my account is banned. They said that one of their team member take the decision and they cannot do nothing about this. I mean how is that even possible to get disabled by team without any violation? I think my client has some internal links or relations with the Fiverr team that's why they take it personally and disabled my account without any reason.

no violation.png

Yes ! I too work in fields of web-automation (automating Browser using various technologies) and I remember once I automated a website and major changes came on that website after nearly 1 months making the bot completely stop for obvious reasons and the buyer came back again and I told him the reason but he didn't listened at all and asked for new software or will complaint ! I got scared and delivered a new software....


(Currently working) Another order : Comment like and dislike bot !

 That bot was working fine when you select a comment and tell bot to do likes on it , it will…

But some websites show likes increasing in real time while some after refreshing , the buyer is now saying that like are not in real time , I want like to increase without refreshing the page but that's not in my hand , likes are coming , we don't own that website how can I change their script my job was to get likes which are there !


 Now he is claiming refund what to do gave 20 days for this project and now look likes need to cancel it without my fault… and work which was asked is done by bot

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