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I send buyer request every day, I am active online 20 hours then why can't I get work from Fiverr?

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2 hours ago, shawon134999 said:

Please Help Me.

"I can promote any business or product or service to millions of people world-wide."

The above is from your profile description.

Suggest you use your expertise to promote your own Fiverr business.

The sky's the limit!


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I understand how you feel. What I would advice you to do is to assess your gig once again; check whether you used the right niche keywords, good grammar and don't forget that your gig image matters a lot. Then, try marketing as much as you can on Twitter and Facebook. Post at least 10 times a day on these platforms with the relevant hashtags.

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Hi, I've got 1% of the experience everyone else here has but I noticed it took months to get regular orders for me. I really didn't start to see orders on a regular basis until after I saw my first repeat customer. Once I had done 3 or 4 for them it all seemed to open up. 

I also agree with Dev_mh when he said don't sell for $5. I did at first but most of the people who messaged me actually followed through with an order.

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  • Sending buyer request is beneficial only for Buyers, you can however, use the buyer request section and send "offers" to buyers who might be looking for services like the one you are offering! 
  • Staying Online doesn't guarantee higher fiverr rankings and getting orders
  • Improve your offering and services
  • optimise your gig but do not stuff it with keywords
  • improve your gig, its discriptions, thumbnails
  • promote in social media if you want
  • do not edit gigs always

let the time do some work, tweak your gigs and keep trying! wish you all the best! 🙂


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5 hours ago, pixrakib_design said:

Because sending buyer requests and staying online doesn’t equal to getting orders. 

It’s like saying you are hungry and instead of cooking and eating you will be just sitting in the kitchen and opening a fridge occasionally to see if the food magically appeared there. 

Why did you copy paste my message that I already replied in the very same topic? 

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