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Why I am seeing hundreds of buyer request!?

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15 minutes ago, imagination7413 said:

As far as I'm aware: a Buyer request is technically still active until the Buyer manually closes it. That said, the older the BR is, the more likely the Buyer is to have already gotten their job done, even if they haven't closed the BR.

Think like a first time buyer: You decided to give Fiverr a try, post a job, get the job done, then never log into the site again. Why bother closing the BR, if you're never going to use the site ever again?

My personal policy when it comes to old BRs is: if it's older than a month, remove it; if it's 'X' days old, and the time given is less than 'X', remove it.

Thank you so much! that's what I wanted to know!

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