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To get my first order



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Its a very common question how to get my first order? I have few suggestion for this kind of questions. I have reached 1k+ Impression within 07-10 days by using this method.  

This is very simple and easy way to improve your Fiverr impression and click. first of all I would like to share with you what is impression and when its start counting?

If someone search on Fiverr by using your keywords if your gig appear to the search result then you will get impression. For this reason Keywords research is very important for getting Impression and clicks.

Search of Fiverr by using your main keywords , Suppose your main keywords is Facebook Ads. you will find some relevant keywords to the suggestion. make a list of suggested keywords find the low competitive keywords from the list.

Use these keywords perfectly to get super fast impression.


Where you should use keywords?

  • In the gig Title you can use 2-3 Keywords to your gig title.
  • Dont miss to mentioned these focus keywords in the beginning of your description
  • Mentioned these keywords on your Tags
  • Make your package unique and use keyword to your packages
  • Use your main keyword to the FAQ 
  • Try to send buyer request everyday don't miss to add CTA to your buyer request. 


Be active and send the buyer request continue you will gain impression and click faster. 

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