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Guys- I would like some tips about what title to use on my Gig


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I have just joined this website, and i have came up with an idea.

I helped my friends numerous times to find the best deal for something that they wanted to buy.

I helped one to find a car at the best possible price, another, consoles/video games.

I even helped with furniture. I am the go to guy for shopping advice between friends.

I saved them a lot of money 😃

So i had this idea to make this in to a Gig in Fiverr.

I will offer my time to a customer, and help them to find whatever they are looking for, for cheap (within reason)

But i can not think of a title for this idea 😦

Could you also suggest a category?

Thank You.

P.S Does this have some potential?

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Maybe try something like I will help you find the best deal on any product for $5 or something to that effect. I have seen gigs similar to this on Fiverr but I haven’t seen this exact one and it seems like it may have some potential. Maybe you could narrow it down to a specific type of product etc, so you can have a more specific niche and in turn get more orders. I have found that the more specific you are with your titles, the higher conversion ratio you will have with potential customers.

In terms of a category, there is not really any specific one that I would go for so you may have to do some experimenting, but I would start out with the lifestyle main category and then pick a subcategory based on whatever advice you are trying to sell.

I hope this will maybe spark some ideas!

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Guest celticmoon

My title suggestion: (I will) help you find the very best internet price on any one item (for $5), or you can create more than one gig with each one focusing on one type of item (substitute “used car”, “furniture”, “home electronics”, etc. etc. for the word “item”). Or you could do both of these, leaving one gig non-specific to cover anything not covered in your specific gigs. In the description, be sure to clearly state any limitations (such as “no adult services” or whatever), and don’t forget that you may not be able to accommodate all customers around the world, because not all companies ship goods anywhere. I’m not sure how many sales you’ll make but it seems like the kind of practical service that a busy person would appreciate. I used to be a personal shopper, sort of the same thing, but I actually bought the goods for my customers, and it wasn’t something I could earn a living doing, but I had some regular clients who sometimes kept me busy.

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