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Audit my gigs! New-ish to Fiverr


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30 minutes ago, nicolewray said:

Hi everyone,

I'm new-ish to Fiverr with about 20 orders over a year (going on and off out of office). Now available full-time.

Would appreciate any feedback on my gigs!


Typo on your main gig thumbnail. Given that you're a writer and communication specialist (according to your own profile description) and from an English-speaking country, that's a bit surprising. 

Is for singular. Are for plural. 

Like you say in your gig description for cover letters and resumes: "You only get one chance to make a first impression."

You have room for more information, selling points and value propositions in your gig description. Use it. 

I can't hear any audio from your gig video. You could use the video more effectively if you had music and perhaps a voice over in it, to increase engagement. 

Hope this helps!


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