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What exactly is the process of among my clients?


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Hi there!

To further clarify the Help Center link provided by @seven_sign and this Top Client process:

1. You can add ANY client as long as a company website address is available. Although the note under "Client name" prompts you to add a well-known brand or "big" company, this is not necessary and is currently being misused by some sellers. Be truthful on what companies you worked for, as well as the scope of work that you provided. Don't try to stretch the truth or include information that is irrelevant. Lesser known clients can be just as good as well-known clients because you can still effectively showcase your abilities and skills when you fill out the project details. Use all 250 characters wisely.

2. You need to obtain permission from the client to publish the details. I suggest you get permission from your client in writing to post the company logo, website, and project details in the Top Client section of your profile. Have it all written out beforehand so that if there is any question in the future, you can refer to this written approval from your client. This is where I am in the process.

3. Fiverr will only verify the information that you provide (your client will not be contacted). This includes verifying that you marked the checkbox stating you confirmed that you've worked with the client as well as verifying that the web address you provided is a valid one (and not a profile on a third-party site like Fiverr, Facebook, or YouTube).

4. Be honest and relevant! As you can see, this process gives a lot of leeway to sellers and many are being dishonest and are abusing this system. Fiverr trusts you as a seller to be truthful about the clients you work with as well as the project details and scope. Use this feature to showcase your skills and abilities that you are offering on Fiverr. Don't use it simply to boast about what companies you have worked for.

In my experiences as a food scientist, I created products for McDonald's, Chipotle, Wendy's, Subway, Costco, Nestle, Walmart, and Sam's Club (among many other major food companies), but I will not list ANY of them as a Top Client because I'm not selling food products here on Fiverr. That work is irrelevant. I'm selling writing services and curriculum designs. So my Top Clients will not be one of the big companies that I've worked for in the past, even though I've written numerous technical documents, forms, and training for them. My Top Clients will be small companies that you probably haven't heard about. And that's okay, because the work for I do with these companies are much more relevant than the work I did for the major food companies.

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