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Top 3 Reasons to Increase Your Gig Price Now! (Top Rated Seller Advice)

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Yes, I agree with the mentioned points. Top quality products always come with a price so give them a proper value but make sure you maintain the same quality. Be professional.

If you are a new seller to Fiverr and looking for orders study other's gigs in the same category and post a competitive price to get a few orders and build from there.

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On 6/6/2022 at 11:57 PM, smashradio said:

Have you been thinking about raising your gig price, but you’re afraid of losing buyers? Here are some good reasons to up your game with a price increase. 

Earn more from fewer clients

If your Fiverr dashboard is filled with small orders for five bucks, you’re probably doing something wrong. Charging five dollars for anything is madness if you’re a professional. It doesn’t matter what you do. Five bucks aren’t even worth the time it takes to thank the buyer for their order. 

Besides, having tons of orders means you never have time to give your buyers proper attention. 

It might sound counterintuitive, but you should strive to get fewer orders. That way, you can deliver your best work every time and charge more for it! 

One order netting you 50 bucks for an hour of work is better than 5 dollars for 30 minutes. Remember: communicating with and understanding each order, chatting with buyers and responding to their requests is also work. 

Less drama!

My favorite reason to increase your rates. Are you struggling with bad buyers who seem to have lost their manners? Demanding ignoramuses who didn’t read your gig description? Then this is for you: 

High-paying buyers have a tendency to be easier to work with! Offer five-dollar gigs, and you’ll get the worst buyers Fiverr has to offer. If you’ve ever read Donald Duck, you know who Scrooge McDuck is. And you wouldn’t want to work with him, right?! 

Buyers who know what they want and have the budget to back it up will usually never purchase the cheapest gigs. They are looking for a great blend of quality and value for money. And since they aren’t paying “pennies” for some unprofessional gig, they are more likely to take their time, research your gig, and have a chat with you before ordering.

Adulting is expensive

A lot of sellers on Fiverr constantly worry about money. After all, we need food on the table. Raising your prices makes it easier to pay the bills each month (if you’re good at what you do, of course). Less stress benefits your health and clients since nothing can bring you out of the zone like a big pile of unpaid bills. 

You should also save money as a buffer. Ideally, it would be best to have savings that could last you for a year or more. If you only earn what you need right now, you’re doing it wrong. 

Alot of valuable points here. The communication and attention the buyer needs (some muuuch more than others) is one big part of freelancing that is often overlooked. 
Having to work on less gigs means being able to offer higher quality services. 😎 As they say, Quality over Quantity. 

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