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Why Down my gig impression & Click?


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  1. Share your gig links on social media. not just paste the link as you did here! try to post helpful tips and the link if someone need a good design or etc.
  2. Create professional portfolio on every portfolio site, like behanse, dribble,etc. like Others post, appreciate them.
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Buyer request on of the best Chance to get order for newbie I'm trying to get an order from buyer request and marketing also very important to get new client when you marketing your gig try to describe why purchase your service and how many feature you provide etc. And also provide discount it help to get attracted on your service 

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2 hours ago, rakibul_13 said:

If you active on forum fiverr will show you active.

1 hour ago, webatoms said:

as long as you stay active in the Fiverr forum


Proof: https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/261334-spam-trust-levels-and-topic-clean-up/


"As I’ve said in the past, and I will continue to say: Your participation here in the forum DOES NOT affect your Fiverr seller Gigs, sales, or rankings in anyway."

The Fiverr forums are a completely separate platform from Fiverr. Forum activity can't affect your Fiverr profile.

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