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NID verification for Bangladesh

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Hello everyone, i have some question about fiverr nid verification.

Question 1: It's been more than 2 months i have created my account and completed 3 orders successfully. Got 2 5 star rating. But my notice for verification isn’t coming yet. I have some money on pending clearance, so when it’s done i will cross the minimum amount to withdraw my money. My question is when the notice will appear? 

Question 2: Is it necessary to set original photo as profile photo during verification? Cause i saw i have to submit my photo and nid and i can keep my company logo as my profile photo, i will only need my original photo during nid submission, so will i have to change my profile photo too? Please provide correct information.


Question 3: Does fiverr want the same payoneer name as fiverr full name? Can i withdraw money with a different payoneer if it’s new. I didn’t use it anywhere on fiverr before. Or should i put a payoneer that matches the fiverr full name?

Please help me with correct info, it will help me a lot.


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