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What happen when your order cancelled or completed.


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I’ve seen many people in Facebook groups & LinkedIn mentioning that their order is cancelled and the order completion rate drops from 100 to 90 for someone it could be different at all.


What is the background story of this?


Actually Fiverr has a window of 60 days and your current stats are showing the history of order completion, response rate and others within those 60 days


Let’s dig more into that

For an example, you have completed 10 orders in past 60 days and your order completion is 100%

if your 1 order cancelled, it may drop to 90%

and now with the time passes, your 10 completed orders will start getting out of 60 days window and now your order completion rate will automatically be decreasing unless you don’t complete the order or your cancelled order completely gets out of 60 days window.


so this is a quick formula to understand. 

I hope it’ll help newbies or even people like me

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