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Gig rank issues!

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How can I get my Gig ranked higher?

Promoting your gigs on social media, websites, or blogs is a great way to bring more traffic to your gig. The more traffic, the more exposure you will receive in our marketplace. Completing your orders on time and providing exceptional service can also affect your ranking. As long as you are doing well in these areas, your ranking will improve.

The above is from the Help Centre.

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2 minutes ago, mahbubshuvo50 said:
I have lost my gig rank since I got the level. Now I am very helpless. Please tell me if there is any way to get out of it


It's normal for this to happen. I recommend working on improving your gigs. Have a look at your gig description, gig thumbnails videos and profile picture to see if there's anything about your profile that you can improve. 

When levelling up, that's also a great time to increase your prices a bit if you haven't already done so.

Freshening up the gigs have been said to help, but keep in mind that Fiverr will only promote the best sellers in each case. If you receive negative reviews or negative, private feedback, your buyer satisfaction will drop. If that happens, you're going to see fewer sales, impressions and clicks because of it. 

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