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Remember your first time as a buyer on Fiverr looking to pay for a service?


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Though it is is said that one of the best things you can do as a buyer is t find a gig that matches your needs, offered by someone who understands what it is you really want, I’d like to hear your stories, experiences, observations, questions and assumptions when you first came to Fiverr looking for someone to help you do something.

Remember those days? Please do share below.

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Well, I signed up on Fiverr as a buyer, then got in to selling.

First ever gig I bought here was for “Proofreading and editing”…

I had a document that was translated from Swedish to English. It was crap looking and needed much editing…

That order went just OKAY (then I realized I cannot get the professional results in just 1 or 2 gigs).

After that I bought a few more and still buying as it’s cheap and you can get your desired work done from 3 or 4 different persons so that you can get more ideas and options to choose from. 🙂


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