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Feeling hopeful


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I know this won’t sound like an amazing achievement for some of you since you have orders, but I guess this is just something I’m excited about for myself, and maybe sellers who don’t have orders yet can also feel hope from reading this.

I’ve been on Fiverr for about a year now with no success of getting orders yet. I had a lot of trials and errors with my gigs and Fiverr in general, but now I feel finally settled and ready. I created two gigs the best I could and was nervous they wouldn’t go anywhere, because getting someone to even click on the gigs is tougher than it seems. I’m continuously learning as I go and feel like my gigs look better and better as time passes by. 

With the other gigs I created in the past, they would only get about a dozen or so impressions and 1-3 clicks, but with my two gigs now, I am getting 6x the amount of impressions and 10x the amount of clicks per day-two days. I feel very happy, and hopefully with those statistics, I feel like I’m going to potentially get a buyer or two soon! 

It may sound ridiculous from the side, but I’m trying to have a patient and optimistic approach. I am not a natural-born seller, and there’s still stuff I have to learn, but my progress has paid off, and I know it will pay off eventually. It’s the little things that matter in the beginning after all. 😄

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On 6/3/2022 at 1:08 PM, iamattique said:

Perfect sir! I like the way how you are so optimistic and hopeful for a year. I am sure it will definitely pay you in sacks of $. I wish you the very bright future ahead. 

Haha, I just have to quickly correct you, I’m a woman, so not a sir. 😂

Thank you though, I really appreciate it! 😄

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