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Any Otaku's here


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i love anime and manga but im not an otaku , i think the term otaku is used wrong anyways.

I love berserk , gungrave , serial experiments lain , haibane renmei, hajime no ippo.

i have berserk game for dreamcast and ps2 , best manga i own got to be berserk.

You can see my babies ( manga on my topic " show us your workstation )


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@kjblynx: Oh that certainly sounds fun!

I love Bebop, one of my all time favourites. The OSTs are just bliss. I feel somewhat ashamed when I go about saying that I haven’t seen Evangelion yet… 😦

I love Mayurii from S;G! To be fair, I pretty much love all characters voiced by Kana Hanazawa

@biancha: Lain is so good. I went about starting to re-watch it a few weeks back, but I didn’t quite manage to go past episode one, haha.

You should consider watching Mekakucity Actors. After episode 4, the art style and overall cinematography really breaks your mind, like it did when watching Lain. In all the positive ways, of course 😉

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Reply to @biancha: Pft, they don’t know what they’re missing out 😛 Though, it was a little difficult to get the ‘message’. Honestly speaking, only the ending half of the series actually made sense to me. The beginning felt like a ball of confusion. 😛

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