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Changing bank transfer

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hey ! 

hope you are doing well everyone , i want to change my bank account from payonner to another payonner because i had some problems on the main one that i linked with fiverr , i contacted the support to give me some informations but they didn't answer back  , can someone please guide me to change it 🙂

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I add the Bank Transfer payment method through Payoneer to my Fiverr account. I want after withdrawing my dollar stay on Payoneer. But after withdrawing, Dollars automatically transfer to the local bank account that I add on Payoneer. How can I stop my Fiverr payment from automatically transferring to the Bank account?
I want to transfer manually Payoneer to Bank when I need. I don't know where I can fix the setting, in Fiverr or Payoneer.

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This may have to be done through Payoneer, 

Here's what I found that might help you disable automatic withdrawal:

-Sign in to Payoneer.
-From the main menu, go to Withdraw & transfer and then Automatic withdrawal plans.
-Find the plan you want to change, click on the three dots in the top right corner and choose Deactivate.
-Where it says Change Status, change from Active to Inactive.
-You can reactivate your plan at any time.

Source: https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19746/~/automatic-withdrawal---general-information

If you still aren't able to disable the automatic withdrawal despite following the steps mentioned in the above link, chances are that Payoneer doesn't let you disable automatic withdrawal owing to local regulations. In any case, if you run into issues, get in touch with Payoneer's customer support.

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