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What to do if a buyer asks for endless revisons

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When I set up my Gig, I somehow set Revisions on my most expensive package to Unlimited. Not sure how it happened (maybe I was tired and it slipped by), but I'm paying the price now (I now have 15 versions of the video on my hard drive), and I'm making about $5/hour. Lesson learned. I'm going to be changing it asap.
2 things I learned a long time ago and this experience reminded me of (like a bucket of ice water to the face)
1. The cheapest clients are the pickiest clients and expect the world for nothing, so competing on price (like a lot of 5R "gurus" recommend for new sellers) is one of the worst things you can do
2. Unlimited revisions is the worst way to get business. It wastes your time and the client's time
Sigh. Back to Revision Hell...

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On 6/3/2022 at 2:00 AM, smashradio said:

Some buyers will want you to work for free. As a professional, you should politely decline this type of request. Here's some tips on how to avoid endless revision loops and buyers trying to manipulate you into working for free. 

1) Be clear about what's included in the initial price from the start. 

2) If they ask for addition work, require payment. Try "Thanks for the update! Here's my quote for the additional changes you requested" or something similar. 

3) If the client goes "I'm not paying for that. It should be included!" you can respond with "I understand that you feel that way, and I'd love to help you out. However, this is outside the original scope of this order. I'd be very happy to set up a custom order extra for you, but I'm unable to take on pro bono work at this time."

5) If the client refuses to accept the offer and you're sure you have delivered what was promised, according to your gig specifications and agreement with the buyer, deliver the order again, thanking them. Remind them in a polite manner that this order included X amount of revisions. Make sure to include that you're happy to assist with their revision when/if their budget allows for it. 

There's no reason to work for free. Ever. If you get a bad review, you can respond to it, explaining that the buyer wanted you to work for free and asked for changes that weren't agreed upon for free.

99% of people reading that review/response at a later date, will be

a) a person with a grasp of how to do business, i.e. they will understand and appreciate you as a freelancer, or,

b) another buyer who wants you to work for free, i.e. someone you'd want to avoid at all costs anyway. 

And remember: if a buyer threatens you with a negative review to scare you into working for free, you can report them. That's not allowed. 

Finally: never offer unlimited revisions included in the price! No serious professional would ever do this. Every revision is an oppurtinity to earn more money. 

really it's A helpful post to all. i want know also, i'm not agree to do the free work then buyer give me a negative feedback. when i contact fiver support and explain it, so what fiverr remove the feedback in my account?

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Great post. One additional tip... when a buyer has used all but one of their revisions on an order, when I deliver the revision, I always say something along the lines of "Hey, here is your revised delivery. I hope this is better for you. You have one free revision remaining, so if you need any further adjustments or have any questions please just let me know". This is a nice subtle and polite way of letting them know you're keeping track of the revisions they're using.

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I would like to add my perspective on 'Unlimited revisions' after I read all of the comments above.

Im a small seller in vocal recording/singing and i changed my revisions from 2 or 3 to unlimited about a year ago. I did gain orders, not the same second tho, but revisions never went to more than 2 so far anyway. In my perspective im like, if i would be buying, i would be calm that even if the vocals or song will not be what i needed, i have plenty of deliveries available. Higher chance of ordering.

Unlimited works for me, because with vocals are orders so specific, like exact song cover or parody with their lyrics, that they get the same thing over-and-over, with different quality or vocal composition etc. They wouldn't get another song cover, like they would at art pieces as somebody above mentioned.

What do you think about this kind of use for unlimited revisions? I am only sticking to it because i haven't yet have a bad experience with someone abusing this option. Thanks for any answer!

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