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I delivered an order but the clock did not stop!


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Yes, I have that too right now. I tried to deliver it 2 times, in different browser, already done the cleaning for cache & etc, and still nothing work. I want to try to deliver again in 3rd browser, but I’m afraid if this will look like spamming, so I just post another “reply/update” in the order page, explaining the situation, and now it’s even marked as LATE (with big red capital font).

I just thought that this would fix itself overnight, and today I got the warning on email that look like this:

"Dear akifune,

You missed your estimated delivery deadline for order ***, ‘draw you a cute cartoon portrait or character in MY style’.

Note: If you fail to submit your completed work within the next 24 hours, *** will be entitled to cancel this order.


The Fiverr Team"

I already submitted a ticket to support, yesterday. But I’m afraid if they won’t reply my ticket within 24 hours so the buyer will get the option to cancel the order and automatically left the bad review. And now Fiverr using a “star” rating system, this doesn’t make my situation to be any better. 😑

Does anyone ever got this bug that even marked as “LATE” before? What happen after 3 days? Will it be marked as complete as usual?

Hope the team will answer my request before 24 hours #fingercrossed


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