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Can't publish my gig?


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Hi everyone! I went through all the necessary steps to publish a gig, w-9 went through this morning so I'm all set- except, when I hit the publish gig button it doesn't do anything. It makes the animation it has for when you click on it, but then nothing happens. I've tried in a different browser, tried opening it in a private window to see if other people could see it was active but not me- but it's still just stuck in my drafts. Has this happened to anyone? How can I publish my gig? Should I contact someone for help?

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4 minutes ago, theratypist said:

Haven't encountered something like that but here is a step by step on creating a Fiverr gig: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397-Creating-a-Gig

If in any case you've followed every thing there and still doesn't work out contact Fiverr CS (support@fiverr.com)

I'm contacting support so hopeful this will all be fixed soon! I'll go through the steps you linked as well with a new gig and see if that helps. Thanks much!

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