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It's been 3 years from may 2020 to may 2022 but I didn't get a single order?

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26 minutes ago, anisurrahaman20 said:

Why I didn't get a single order from my buyer Its been 2 years+. I have used image as well as video. Still didn't get any offer and no one click on my gigs last 30 days?

Perhaps you are not appealing to your target customers. You do know who those customers are intended to be, right? You've researched those target customers, you understand their needs and interests, and you have crafted a service they need, right? 

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Hi, sorry to hear that. Lets look at how sellers get orders,

Buyers search keywords like SEO and see gigs, very naturally they would see a good mix of top and average gigs and very less gigs with zero orders.

Naturally they would engage with gigs on the first page and sometimes the second before opening order. So you have to be roughly in that 20-40 gig range. Now remember gigs with zero orders do show but depending on Fiverr algo based on your online status, your response rate etc.

Important thing to understand is that even with the algo you might never show because the market maybe too saturated to show your zero order gig among hundred others.

Fortunately, Fiverr looks out for those as well. By offering buyer requests list which is a great way to get your first order like I did. And then if you play your cards right, you may never have to see buyer requests again.

There are some other non technical things like the quality of gig and common mistakes etc like Insta marketing gig should be grammatically correct etc. But I don't know much about that.

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