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"Add all images download button into the order page"

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Hello Dear Fiverr Team, 

I am selling image editing service. The Fiverr platform is very user friendly, no doubt. But we have some limitations if you could solve it, it would be great help for us. 

Issue: Number#1. _In the message chat box, 20 images are allowed to attach at a time. So if a buyer have 100 images, they have to attach 5 times (20 images in each message) it kills buyers time as well as sellers to download them from several messages. 

Number#2. _Most important, Chat box has 20 images download option at a time, but in the order page there is no button for download all the images. If a buyer attach 100 images in the order page, then we have to download each image by single click on each image. It kills so much time. Some times we (Sellers) become already late to download for a long time. Some times a pathetic situation occurred, Suppose, when download 99 images out of 100, its very tough to find out which one we missed to download. then we have to download all again to get that missing one. (Kills double time) 😢 


So, its a request, please add a all files download button into the order page for image editing service provider.. 

Many thanks in advance, 

Best regards,

Mahedi Hasan.    

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