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I'm not saying nobody will, but here's a question for you in return: Why should we? 

I say this because a majority of us here on the Fiverr forums are sellers. Meaning we're busy with our own profiles. For what reason should we spend our time to help any other individual seller?

That said, I did glance at your profile. This thread might help: 


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I think your main gig images could be changed. If you look on your profile the text on 2 of them can't be fully read. If you check what the current gig image recommendations are you could change them so the aspect ratio is about the same (1.619:1 was about right previously).

In your research gig you seem to be offering to research any topic but your gig images for that gig seem to be about legal documents and similar rather than researching any topics.

In your "write legal document..." gig you say "I am an experience Attorney" - I think that could say "experienced" there. Also in that gig the standard package title says "STANDARED" - which could be changed.

In the "I will write legal complaint and agreement" gig maybe breaking up the text in the description a bit might help so it's not all one long paragraph.

None of your gigs have an FAQ. Adding one might help. Also 2 of your gigs show just 1 search tag. If you only entered 1 for those adding more might help the gig get found.

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It’s been a year and you can achieve a lot in a year. If you just created your profile and sitting and waiting for it to work then it wouldn’t. You have to experiment and see what would be working for you, for your clients, testing different things, different offers, different styles etc 

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