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Can I Promote my Gigs on Fiverr through a podcast ... that also mentions my website?

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Hey there! I'm starting a podcast around my business topic (Tarot) and want to encourage listeners to visit my gig page if they wish to book a reading from me. I would also like to mention my own website where listeners can contact me, or learn more about the podcast. That being said, people can contact me to book a readings through my website, if they choose. Would that violate the Fiverr T&Cs or put my Fiverr account status at risk?

Note: I have no intention at all of promoting my podcast to my existing fiverr clients, rather the other way around (listeners finding out they can book me through fiverr, and driving business to this platform).

Thanks in advance!


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9 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

Nope, you are safe to do so 😉 

The only thing you are not allowed is taking clients away from fiverr but if you are driving traffic to your fiverr gig from somewhere else that might even help you boost your fiverr profile. 

Thank you! The CTA in my podcast would be " to contact me, visit www.mysite.com/podcast. If you'd like to book a reading, you can do so by visiting my site and clicking the link to Fiverr.com - I'm looking forward to connecting with you!"


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