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Unable to reply to Potential client-Dropped response rate



Hi Fiverr community,

I recently recieved an inquiry message from a potential client who wanted to discuss about a project. However I was unable to reply to them and a notification on top bar said ' For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly'. I tried replying multiple times but it did not work. Now my perfect response rate has dropped to 93.
Can someone guide me how to contact support properly. I tried doing so but the general inquiry requires an orderr id, which I dont have, because its a potentail client only.



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Posting the solution I got from fiverr CS here so that it could help anyone in future. Cheers!

"I completely understand your concern regarding the user's unavailability and your response rate. 
I can see that you were not able to respond to this user's messages as they have made themselves temporarily unavailable. I made sure that it does not impact your Response Rate. 

In case anything similar happens in the future, please know that reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate, spam message, or any other message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours (using the flag feature does not exclude a message from your response rate, only the spam button does)"

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I've had this happen to me as well. A quick e-mail to support solved my issue as well. I know that reporting a message as spam counts as a response, but it's not an elegant solution, since it might hurt the profile of the person you have been dealing with. But hey, if CS says it's okey, I guess it's okey! 

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