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how to get or share email or personal info. If you need that type of information for the completion of an order.

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To complete a task or project. Sometimes you will need the email, Social account URL, etc. of your client. 

due to the safety of Fiverr users, communication outside of Fiverr is not allowed. To clarify, if you and another user communicate outside of Fiverr, Fiverr cannot review it, have no control over what happens, and therefore Fiverr cannot properly assist and protect you.

The users’ safety and privacy are very important, so their identities are kept anonymous. Sharing any types of contact information, such as  LinkedIn, Email addresses, s***e/IM usernames, telephone numbers, or any other personal contact details, that may lead to outside communication is not allowed.

Of course, if you need that type of information for the completion of an order, you should mention it in your Gig description and order requirements. Also, you should advise your buyers to only send the requested information and to do it via the order page.

Communication with the buyers can proceed only through the order page.

Now, if the material for the order is over 1GB
you can share your google drive link or dropbox. 


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