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I am not getting any orders from 3 years.


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24 minutes ago, chraheel said:

Hello everybody, hope you guys are doing well so I am not getting any orders on Fiverr. It's Been 3 years since I last got any order please help me I need some orders thank you. 🙂

There's a lot of information on this forum on how to become more successful. If you haven't gotten orders in three years, you're clearly not doing it right. 

I recommend reading this thread (and off the guides that is shared within it). It's a lot of reading. In order to succeed, you need to do your research and have a proper business plan in place. 


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All your gig descriptions seem to be in bold. It might be better if they weren't.

You have an article/blog writing gig but sometimes in that gig you don't put a space after commas or full stops. Also you say "I am a expert article writer" - that might be better as "I am an expert article writer". In your profile and some of the descriptions you also write the word "I" in lower case when that might not help with an article writing gig.

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