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19 minutes ago, servesmith said:

I hope that soon I could be able to achieve TRS tag

Great start! 😄

The Top Rated Seller level is not easily achievable. First of all, it's a manual process. You can be a level two seller for years, keep getting nominated, yet never achieve it. I know – I did it. 

It's nice to have goals, but instead of focusing on becoming a Top Rated Seller, your focus needs to be with your buyers, your work and your improvement as a professional. Don't get hung up on the levels thing. 

Being a Top Rated Seller means you have been handpicked by Fiverr. It's not something most sellers will get just for delivering a certain amount of gigs. You need to offer outstanding support and quality to your buyers over time to get it. 

As a business (and yes, working on Fiverr is a business!) you should focus on buyer hapiness and growth over time. Make sure to keep your stats up and over-deliver to all your buyers. Maybe you'll get there some day, maybe not. Even so, you can have great success on Fiverr. I made a living on this platform for years before I became a TRS. 


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