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I am new and I would like some advice for art commissions


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Hi! I am new to Fiverr and want to start taking art commissions! I made one gig above (currently unavailable for people to order because I want to focus on exams) and I am looking for any advice and feedback you have with it. I also have some questions that I hope can be answered!

  1. The URL of the gig is different from the gig title, is there a way to change this?
  2. I cannot upload a portfolio yet because I am new, if someone asks for a portfolio what should I do? I was told by customer service I cannot link my Twitter and Instagram because sharing personal details is not allowed
  3. The thumbnails for the gallery images are really horrible ;-; How do I fix this!
  4. The description, is it too long? (especially on the how it works part) 
  5. When I read about Fiverr revisions, it says I need to send them complete work then the buyer can do revision. However I think it is very hard to do a complex revision after the whole process of coloring and rendering is done (example, change the position of a character, or add a new character). I do not think it is allowed to send an incomplete work. Where am I able to do revision where I do not send the complete work (example, only the sketch for the buyer to review)? 
  6. For commercial use, do I need to make a document stating the art is available for commercial use?

Thank you for taking your time to read this! 🙂

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43 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Read this: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451397-Creating-a-Gig

And also this: 

Your first post.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! 🙂


Thank you so much for the links! I think I read through them thoroughly. I still have some questions for clarity

  1. Is it correct, that I am allowed to put the link to my Twitter and Instagram in the order page when they ask for it? It means in the order page I can send things such as the sketch for buyer revision?
  2. It says to be as detailed as possible in the description. I am worried that people will not read my description if it is too long...
  3. I still need some feedback for my gig, does it look good enough? I will fix the thumbnails after exams >u<
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