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Health risk of using long-term computer

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A funny meme on the internet about backpain and also a awareness lurking in this .


Hi, hope you're doing great. Every fiverr user is either busy to buy the best service or trying to sell their service. But both buyer an seller must take care of their health. In modern  world everything is computer based so human have to stay in touch with computer for too long and that can be very harmful to our body. Some serious type of Computer related health effect are:

1. Backpain - sitting too long for hours cause this

2. Neck pain - it happen by adjusting our head to computer monitor frequently as well smartphone.

3. headache - caused by watching monitor continuously 

4. Eye sites - so many people have to rely on glass for excessive use of computer device.

5. Mental condition : a study said excessive use of computer links to loneliness, depression etc.


There are too many side effect on computer use. So, what should we do?

Stop using computer, that's a NO!! We have to maintain a healthy life to this 21st century. In this modern era everything is digital so we have to cope with this . So we must walk on every morning and exercise besides while working we shouldn't work monotonously after certain amount of time take a break get a fresh air talk to your family and friends and sometimes go on a vacation and most of all go for a daily check ups. Money is for such better life so is HEALTH!!! Lost money can regain but loosing health ,it can't regain easily there is a saying "if money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost and if character is lost everything is lost" . So it's time to think about hour health 

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