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How do I remove an order from gig's gallery


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There isn't an option. You could turn off the live gallery to stop all deliveries showing in it though (in the "gigs" page). If there's a good reason why it should be removed you could contact CS about it.

When you deliver enough other orders on that gig and if the buyers allow the deliveries to show there, then the newer deliveries will replace that one (ie. there's only a certain amount of deliveries that can get shown in the live gallery and after that newer ones replace old ones).

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On 5/28/2022 at 10:35 AM, dean_a_plus said:

I completed an order in 2020 and the song that I worked on is now in my gig's gallery. How do I remove it?

6 hours ago, uk1000 said:

There isn't an option.

Sellers can't remove an image from the Live Gallery without the buyer's permission.

You can either reach out to the buyer using the pre-typed message provided by @imagination7413:

Or, if you already have a statement from the buyer (like I did), you can use that statement to remove the Live Gallery image:


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